Aug 27, 2019

Jidenna Reveals Why Nigerians Are Known For Scamming

Jidenna US-based Nigerian singer has that just disclosed what is behind why most Nigerian youths are recognised for fraudulent works all over the world.
Iro who is 31 years and Chukwudi Christogunus Igbokwe who is 38 years were enlisted as the lead suspects.
The U.S. Attorney for Central District, California, Mr Nick Hanna announced the list while in a news conference on 22nd August 2019.
Hanna stated that the fraud cases involved suspects collaborating with some residents to dupe citizens of their resources.
Jindenna in reaction stated that an average Nigerian is smarter than some citizens in other countries and this makes them succeed in areas of life as well as scams.
He stated this in an interview at the Breakfast Club
”The reason Nigerians are known for scamming is not because we are bad people.
It’s because we are smarter than a lot of people,” he said

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